Food, art and the best pastries in the country: Gouin, the rural village where “everything is like it used to be”

Food, art and the best pastries in the country: Gouin, the rural village where “everything is like it used to be”
Food, art and the best pastries in the country: Gouin, the rural village where “everything is like it used to be”


In the heart of rural Argentina, with just 130 inhabitants, lies a small town that has managed to conquer the country’s palates with its exquisite national sweets, as it is the venue for the National Cake Festival. This is Gouin, a town known for its charm and hospitality.which has become an ideal destination to disconnect from the urban bustle and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the countryside. In addition, it becomes perfect to visit on the July 9 holiday, since its sweet and tempting aromas invite visitors and locals to enjoy a unique tradition: the purchase and tasting of its famous pastries, A gastronomic experience that promises to delight the senses and capture the hearts of those who experience it..

In Gouin, the Cake Festival is celebrated every December.

It is a town in the Carmen de Areco district, which has approximately 130 inhabitants and is only two hours from Buenos Aires. It is recognized as a treasure full of history, gastronomy and charm.This picturesque place is not only famous for its exquisite national sweets, but it is also presented as the perfect destination to disconnect from the routine.

It is important to note that cakes are a constant presence in the village. Even in the 1960s, these delicacies were sold in the best Argentine style. to raise funds and build the San Agustin chapel, demonstrating its importance in both local culture and community activities.

It is a rural town ideal for taking a break from the routine.

In addition to its renowned gastronomy, this place is distinguished by its core values ​​of recycling, art and sculpture, which are exhibited at a fair held twice a month for all visitorsThis initiative not only enriches the town culturally, but also offers tourists a unique experience where they can explore and appreciate various local artistic and artisanal expressions. According to its residents, this destination is betting on tourism, strengthening its offer with the addition of some stays. A notable example is the construction of a wagon that will serve as accommodation, a project promoted by a local resident, Marcelo Otero, who decided to bet on Gouin after visiting him with his family.

Tourism in this town continues to grow

In dialogue with LA NACION, He said that when he saw the space he felt love at first sight.taking into account that it is a quiet destination that helps everyone who visits it to connect with nature. He also highlighted that, despite being a small town, it has a drinking water tank that several residents use, as well as a First aid room with a doctor who is present several times a week, a police station, a chapel and a school with a kindergarten, primary and secondary school..

The crafts fair in Gouin

This is a place where the town’s artisans display all their talent to welcome visitors. From wooden items, products made with looms and other crafts, there are several alternatives to get to know the most artistic side of the community. This event takes place on the second and fourth Sunday of every month starting at approximately 11am..

In this regard, Andrea López, a weaver from the town who has lived there for more than 12 years and has a business called Tierra Madre, revealed the charm of the place that led her to move and settle there. “A place where everything is as it was before”he said, and also highlighted: “A space where one can be calm with the door open, “You can breathe peace, tranquility and security”.

Some of the crafts present at the local fair

Various artisans from the town participate in these fairs.many of them long-time residents, like Fabián Reynoso, who is a lifelong resident, as his family has lived there since 1866. Not only was he born in the town, but he continues to invest in it and currently runs a family business called Monifab. There, He creates a variety of wood products, from gourds to knives, and opens the doors of his home so visitors can appreciate his art..

Twice a month the entrepreneurs fair is held with the town’s artisans

It is a pulpería and tavern with a period setting, where the flavors intertwine with the tradition of the place, creating an unmissable gastronomic proposal. They have an all-you-can-eat grill menu for 16 thousand pesos per person., with a wide variety of options to enjoy: a starter of full appetizers or fried Creole empanadas; a main dish to choose between homemade pasta or grilled meat, with side dishes of potatoes or Creole salad and country-style desserts, such as homemade flan and rice pudding, among others.

Don Carlos, one of the best gastronomic proposals in the area

“We have the best cakes in the area”, “The restaurant’s current owner, Juan Carlos, who receives many tourists, revealed that it is one of the two restaurants that Gouin has. “The cold cuts, cheeses, pastas and desserts are homemade, from rice pudding to the typical vigilante, and seasonal products,” he commented.

They have an all-you-can-eat menu and homemade products.

“Gouin has tranquility, nature, peace; everyone appreciates that, “All those who come and stay say that they rested like they haven’t for a long time.”he added, highlighting one of the main attractions of this town. “Many people have their country estate here, People from Buenos Aires, who came for the first time, fell in love and invested here”he added.

They brought the old railway station to life with a country-style food court

This is a scenario that is repeated in many towns, since the railway stopped operating years ago; However, instead of letting the space be forgotten, it was decided to give it a new life.. Thus, a restaurant of the same name was born, offering visitors not only delicious food, but also an authentic rural experience. The place is decorated with period objects, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in history and learn more about the region’s past.

A space designed for tourists who wish to spend the night in the village, offering hostel service with cozy rooms and a gallery that allows you to fully integrate with the environment. It is an ideal experience to disconnect from the routine. In addition, It functions as a tea house for visitorswhere they offer, among other things, delicious pastry recipes, and there is no shortage of the famous cupcakes.

From the city of Buenos Aires it is 139 kilometers along the Western Access, to Luján, and route 7 to enter the town; at that point, at kilometer 129 You must turn left and continue 10 kilometers more on a dirt road..

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