Crashes into Signify plant while fleeing police

Crashes into Signify plant while fleeing police
Crashes into Signify plant while fleeing police

A man was arrested in Valladolid on Monday after crashing his van into the fence of an industrial factory when he tried to avoid being arrested for a pending crime of gender violence, which is why he fled, pursued by vehicles of the National Police, Municipal Police and the Civil Guard.

According to information provided by the Municipal Police through the social network ‘X’, the now arrested man had an arrest warrant for the crime of gender violence.

Apparently identified by police officers, he tried to escape and, after causing damage to police and civilian vehicles, ended up crashing into the perimeter fence of the Signify (Philips) facilities, at the intersection of the Arca Real road with Bronce street, next to the Argales industrial estate, which allowed him to be arrested in a collaborative operation between the National Police, the Municipal Police and the Civil Guard.

In the image released by the Valladolid Municipal Police, in addition to the crashed van, a large security presence with at least seven police vehicles from the Civil Guard, National Police and Municipal Police can be seen.

The suspect is considered the alleged perpetrator of crimes of reckless driving to escape from police officers, assault, damage to vehicles as well as material damage caused in the collision. All this, in addition to the crime of gender violence for which he had an arrest warrant.

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