Vodafone employees will gather tomorrow in front of the Ministry of Digital Transformation

Vodafone employees will gather tomorrow in front of the Ministry of Digital Transformation
Vodafone employees will gather tomorrow in front of the Ministry of Digital Transformation

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Madrid, Jul 8 (EFECOM).- The union representatives of Vodafone Spain (UGT, STC and CCOO) are maintaining the strike call for tomorrow Tuesday, when they will also gather in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Civil Service, while negotiations continue on the employment regulation file (ERE) that will affect 1,068 people.

The strike scheduled for this Tuesday will be the first of two days called by the workers’ representatives, the next one will be on July 11, and a minimum service of 3.24% has been established.

According to UGT, a workers’ rally is also planned for Tuesday in front of the ministry, which will be attended by the union’s general secretary, Pepe Álvarez.

This Monday, representatives of the workers and the company will meet again after an exchange of offers last week to soften the conditions of the ERE, but without reaching an agreement, the negotiation schedule for which expires on July 17.

Last week, Zegona, the British investment fund that currently owns Vodafone Spain, reduced the potential number of those affected by 100 people to 1,068 workers, which would still represent 33% of the workforce.

Despite this, the union representatives consider that the number of affected workers remains very high, and therefore consider any future viability plan to be unviable. Last Friday, they requested that the company further reduce the number of affected workers.

Regarding the amount of compensation, the company offered last Thursday to increase it to 28 days per year worked with a limit of 18 monthly payments, compared to 24 days and 14 monthly payments in its first proposal.

The union representatives countered on Friday with a request to increase compensation to 67 days per year worked and asked to remove the compensation cap. They also asked for a job guarantee until December 2026.

Another point in the negotiation is the voluntary nature of the ERE. Zegona has already offered a voluntary departure mechanism in which the company can exercise the right to veto to avoid the departure of those employees considered essential. Faced with this, the unions reject possible vetoes.

The next meeting to continue negotiations will be on Thursday, July 11, and they will continue the following week, with meetings scheduled for July 15 and 17.

In addition to the strike days, the union representatives are calling for partial strikes on July 10, 16 and 17.

The British investment fund completed the purchase of Vodafone Spain at the end of May in a transaction valued at 5 billion euros, although it had previously stated that for the company to have a viable future it would be necessary to close stores and reduce its workforce.

The company justifies the departure of these thousand workers – from a workforce of 3,268 people – for “economic, productive and organizational reasons, determined by the strong financial and commercial deterioration.”

In the same press release presenting the ERE, Vodafone Spain already assured that this collective dismissal procedure “will not affect the quality of the service or the support provided to customers” EFECOM


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