Benalmádena fulfills its tradition of transferring the Virgen del Carmen to the Capitanía

Lorena Cadiz


Monday, July 8, 2024, 18:41

Benalmádena experienced with emotion and devotion the traditional transfer of the Virgen del Carmen and its parade through the waters of the coast in front of the Yacht Club, as well as the lunch for seniors. All of these events marked the start of the celebration of the Virgen del Carmen. The event, led by the Association of Faithful of the Virgen del Carmen, culminated in the Captaincy with the cry of ‘Long live the Virgen del Carmen’ and the traditional salve by the Rompeolas group.

The Mayor of Benalmádena, Juan Antonio Lara, accompanied by a large part of the local government, was present at the landing on Malapesquera beach to accompany the ‘Chiquita’ to the Captaincy, where the traditional floral offering also took place.

Regarding the lunch for seniors, the councillor for the area, María Luisa Robles, thanked the marina for the effort it makes every year to organise this traditional event, which brought together 200 seniors and where she highlighted the good organisation and the good atmosphere after a spectacular journey to the Captaincy.

The events began last Friday night with the emotional opening speech at the Virgen del Carmen Parish, led by Tomás Zaragoza.

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