Those arrested for murder of police officer in Bogotá did not accept charges

On the morning of Monday, July 8, the body of patrolman Heiner Loaiza was taken to the religious center of the Police, on 63rd Street and 50th Avenue, where he was honored after being murdered last Saturday, July 6, at around noon.

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The incident occurred after a shootout near the South Gate, where the patrolman was seriously injured and underwent surgery, but died minutes later.

Following a reward of 20 million pesos for information leading to the gunmen’s arrest, two people were arrested.

Those arrested for murder of patrolman did not accept charges

While the police fired patrolman Heiner Loaiza, the two people arrested for this incident did not accept the crimes charged by the Attorney General’s Office.

The hearing on the precautionary measure for Octavio Obrehayan Rodríguez Esquivel and Irben Adrián Romero Piñago is moving forward.

Rosemary Piñago He is injured and hospitalized in Meissen.

They did not accept the charges of aggravated homicide, aggravated theft, aggravated illegal possession of weapons and violence against a public servant.

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