‘January 19 Democratic Movement’ celebrates second anniversary

Monday, July 8, 2024 10:57 AM

Author: Jaime del Valle

The members of the political group ‘Motion Democratic 19 of January‘, celebrating the second anniversary of its founding, said that they will continue organizing to have a presence throughout the state.

The coordinator of the group, Juanita Cold Hernández He commented that they will continue to monitor the actions of the government, in addition to the social management, but will support the next administration headed by Javier May Rodríguez.

He recalled that even no have record as movementwhich is why they will still discuss internally whether to form a local political party in order to have candidates in the next intermediate process.

He recalled that the group is made up of founders of the motion of leftbut they are looking for young people to join in to continue fighting for democratic ideals.

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