between uncertainty and tradition

between uncertainty and tradition
between uncertainty and tradition

Although we are already in July, the Cedral 2024 Regional Fair has not yet been officially announced. This has generated uncertainty among the inhabitants of the region, who are eagerly awaiting the traditional celebration in honor of the Virgin of La Asunción. The lack of information about the fair has fueled rumors about possible conflicts in the organization of the event.

Traditionally, it is known that the company JOMAR is the one that organizes this annual event, however the possible rivalry that arose between the businessman Jonathan Martínez and the mayor Howard Aguilar during the last elections would be undermining the formality of the FERECE. Despite the uncertainty, the inhabitants of Cedral hope that the fair will be held this year in the traditional way since the celebration is an important cultural tradition.

At the moment, the municipal authorities have not issued any official statement on whether the JOMAR Music company will be the one to organize the Cedral 2024 Regional Fair. It is expected that in the coming days the situation will be clarified and it will be announced whether the fair will be held or not, and under what conditions.

Cinthia and Jomar: Clash of interests?

There is speculation that Cinthia Segovia, who will be the next mayor, has her own plans for the fair in 2025 and beyond, which could generate a clash of interests with Jomar, who has been the organizer of the event for several years. The situation is complicated by the political disputes that have arisen in the municipality. In the last elections, Jomar, who has been involved in the organization of the fair for years, was a rival of Cinthia Segovia.

At the time, there were various clashes and statements by both parties regarding alleged foul play that Cinthia had exercised in the electoral contest against JOMAR’s advertising and rally. This situation has generated speculation about possible conflicts of interest and the possibility that JOMAR might be excluded from the organization of the fair during the years of government of the new president of Cedral.

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