Federation audits cause concern for dairy farmers

Federation audits cause concern for dairy farmers
Federation audits cause concern for dairy farmers

Dairy farmers in the region expressed their concern that the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF), when auditing Liconsa and cross-checking information with them, will review confidential information from the documentation they are sending.

This was discussed at a meeting held by authorities from the State Secretariat for Rural Development with dairy producers in the region, where they expressed their concern to the secretary, Mauro Parada Muñoz, who promised to negotiate this matter with the federal authorities.

From the Chihuahua State Milk Product System, its president Vicente Armendáriz, on behalf of the producers of the region made a heartfelt request to Secretary Parada Muñoz, that the Superior Audit has already asked several members of the union for bank account statements, scale tickets and other data, fearing that they will also do the same with payroll payments, SAT and Social Security taxes, make erroneous conjectures and then perform a formal audit.

What was said is that many agricultural producers work to survive in various activities and by making their bank statements public, the auditors establish differences with what was received from Liconsa and carry out further investigations.

Mauro Parada said that the request is valid, and that mediation with federal authorities will be sought to reassure dairy farmers in the region, who are struggling to continue with this primary activity and who also have this uncertainty.

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