The best horror shooter of 2005 is on SALE on Steam

The best horror shooter of 2005 is on SALE on Steam
The best horror shooter of 2005 is on SALE on Steam


By: Samuel M. | 08-07-24

Summer sales of Steam are still active until July 11 with a huge number of games of different genres, both new and old, to get them at discounts that are not usually seen very often. Among the recommended titles, we find a remembered shooter that was quite popular in 2005 by the hand of Monolith Productionsknown today for games such as Middle Eart: Shadow of Mordor and its sequel, Shadow of War.

We talk about F.E.A.Ra first-person game that would appear 19 years to do their homework within the genre by combining action with psychological terror. Strongly inspired by the movies that were in fashion in those years mixing paranormal events, we found an FPS that told us the story of a group of special forces with the mission of stopping a psychic who had awakened an army of clones, and sought to sow chaos. At the same time, a mysterious girl named Alma appeared, who took a lot of inspiration from characters such as Sadako of The Ring.

FEAR made a small revolution in first-person shooters, as it was one of the few games at the time that featured an artificial intelligence that was different from what was seen in the genre. Enemies did not stay still, and in most cases, they sought you out to surround you, or even learn your movement patterns so that you could no longer surprise them. On higher difficulties, their shots are much more precise, so you are forced to use cover, or play strategically so as not to walk straight into the bullets.

Of course we had some advantages that we could take advantage of, such as slow motion, which was quite popular in the 1990s. 2000 thanks to movies like Matrixand games that made it even more popular, such as the remembered Max Payne. FEAR would add its own style by seeing the action up close, showing us how the bullets moved slowly, and the effect of time warp which helped us better dodge attacks.

FEAR can be found on Steam at a price of 17.54 soles. The best thing of all is that it is a complete package that includes its sequel, Project Origin, y F.3.A.R. There are also non-canon expansions of the original game: Extraction Point y Perseus Mandate.

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