Man sentenced to 36 years and four months in prison for murder of Samborondón police chief | Security | News

Man sentenced to 36 years and four months in prison for murder of Samborondón police chief | Security | News
Man sentenced to 36 years and four months in prison for murder of Samborondón police chief | Security | News

Unanimously, a Criminal Court ordered a sentence of 36 years and four months in prison for Delember Eduardo LR as responsible for the murder of the Chief of Police of Samborondón, Christian Granizo, and his aide-de-camp, Christian Enríquez, and a worker in the area.

The crime was recorded in the Tarifa parish, in the Samborondón canton, on July 28, 2023.

Man shot while getting out of a truck in the Centenario neighborhood

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the police chief was standing on the side of the road to Tarifa when he was surprised and shot by a man who arrived on a motorcycle. The shots also hit his escort and a street vendor, who also died in the attack.

The attacker fled the scene on the same motorcycle and, kilometers later, got into a car headed toward Guayaquil.

An alleged fraudster used a police officer’s lost documents to try to buy a computer

With the information gathered at the scene and in the videos from the security cameras at the toll booths, the suspect and the vehicle were located in a house in the Huancavilca Norte urbanization.

Following the investigation, police officers arrested the suspect, his partner and a third person.

With information provided by the woman, agents located the clothing used by the suspect under an overpass on Carlos Julio Arosemena Avenue. Meanwhile, the firearm was found in a house in a development on León Febres Cordero Avenue, in La Aurora, Daule canton. The third person was located at this location.

Resident of Los Ceibos fired shots into the air and when the police arrived they found 19 weapons and 2,000 rounds of ammunition

Finally, Delember Eduardo LR and the other subject were prosecuted. During the trial, The Prosecutor’s Office presented eighteen testimonies, including arresting and investigating officers, experts and those responsible for the chain of custody.

In addition, the investigation reports prepared by the Directorate of Violent Deaths (Dinased), reports on the removal of the body and the autopsy protocol, the arrest report, reports on the recognition of the place and the technical ocular inspection, and receipts for the entry of evidence were presented at the trial.

He also presented the technical expert reports on ballistics, audio and video, human identity, telephone correspondence and audio video from security cameras and comparative evidence.

This stage began on February 28 of this year, was convened more than thirteen times and concluded on the morning of Saturday, July 6.

The judges of the Criminal Court evaluated the elements presented and unanimously issued the sentence plus the aggravating circumstances that increased the sentence imposed on Delember LR by one third.

The now convicted man will also have to pay a fine of $690,000 as full compensation to the victims’ families.

The second suspect, who was visiting a home where part of the evidence was found, declined to make a charge. The judges confirmed his innocence. (I)

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