Peasant strike in land and rural development agencies

Since 7:00 am they have been gradually arriving farmers
from different parts of the country to the facilities of the National Land Agency and the Rural Development Agency, in an occupation that was initially peaceful, the protesters have been installing tents in the corridors of these institutions, They say they will not leave until the national government presents a clear roadmap for the implementation of comprehensive rural reform.


The peasants who came from Cauca, Santanderes, Atlántico, Boyacá, Risaralda and others departments of the country, say that the Government has not fulfilled the promises it made to the agricultural sector during its campaign.

“Despite being a Government
Friend we feel sad because in our field The promised things are not being fulfilled; in the countryside, we peasant women who are here today support them,” said Ana Zatisabal, a peasant from Cauca.

For its part, the president of the Rural Development Agency, Luis Alberto Higueraacknowledged that this institution was not prepared for the implementation of the agreement with the farmers.

Peasant organizations hope to set up a table with the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Land Agency and the Agency for Rural Development to define how they could accelerate the implementation of the reform.

It is expected that farmers from different parts of the country will continue to join the demonstration.who claim that they will stay as long as necessary until they have the solution they expect.

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