Nearly 10 billion passwords leaked on hacking forum

Nearly 10 billion passwords leaked on hacking forum
Nearly 10 billion passwords leaked on hacking forum

MADRID – A user on a popular hacker forum has published a document containing nearly 10 billion unique passwords in plain text, originating from a combination of new data breaches and previous data leaks.

Specifically, the malicious actor, who uses the username ‘ObamaCare’, leaked this data in a file published last Thursday, July 4, which he named ‘rockyou2024.txt’ and which contains 9,948,575,739 unique passwords in plain text.

This was learned by researchers from the CyberNews media, who had access to the document ‘rockyou2024.txt’ and, therefore, to the compilation of credentials, which they point out as “the largest collection of passwords” leaked on the Internet.

According to the details provided, after cross-referencing the leaked passwords with data from the Leaked Password Checker on the outlet, the collection comes from current data leaks as well as data breaches from previous years.

The researchers stressed that these are real passwords “used by people around the world.” They also warned that since this leak reveals so many passwords, it “significantly increases the risk of credential theft attacks.”

This is because threat actors could exploit the RockYou2024 password compilation to “perform brute force attacks and gain unauthorized access to online accounts” that use passwords included in the dataset, CyberNews warned.

It should be noted that this is not the first such leak. In 2021, a user also leaked a compilation of over 8.4 billion unique passwords in a document called ‘RockYou2021’ on a popular hacker forum.

According to the researchers’ analysis, cybercriminals developed this new collection of passwords by “scouring the internet for data leaks” and have thus managed to add another 1.5 billion passwords from the 2021 leak through 2024. In total, the password data set has grown by 15 percent.


FUENTE: Europa Press

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