Pekerman’s harsh confession about a memory of Messi

JOSE PEKERMAN He made a hard confession related to Lionel Messi, the maximum star of this Argentine National Team that seeks to revalidate the continental title at the 2024 Copa América.

The former coach of the National Team directed in the 2006 World Cup, the first one that the current captain of Argentina played when he was just 18 years old.

At that ecumenical meeting, held in Germany, The image of Messi himself sitting on the bench, without having entered the quarter-final match against the local team, was recordedwho won on penalties after a 1-1 draw in regular time.

Pekerman confessed, in conversation with ESPN, what he suffered that afternoon in July 2006: “He was always very grateful. Unfortunately, I suffered a bit during the Germany game, because it reflected his sadness at not having played. The photo of him tying his shoelaces remained.”

Lionel Messi, devastated on the bench against Germany.

“I always say that this team was the pride of having represented Argentina very well. In several World Cups with a bad start, we were sad that time because we lost on penalties. But what we did from the first match until that match with Germany was very good, we enjoyed it a lot and the team enjoyed it too,” he added.

And he sentenced: “Then there is the sadness of the repercussions that so easily say: ‘Because Messi didn’t come in we didn’t win’. What an ugly thing to retire with that. It hurt and frustrated me that I continued, because the president (Julio Grondona) didn’t want me to leave. I suffered a lot: I didn’t think it was fair that they said that because Aimar didn’t come in either and neither did Saviola, who had had a great championship.”

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