‘I was almost killed and robbed’

‘I was almost killed and robbed’
‘I was almost killed and robbed’

The renowned actor Andres Holguin Wagner He reported a bitter experience when taking a taxi from an app in Quito. “I was almost killed and robbed”the artist said on the social network Instagram.

Holguin reported that last Thursday, July 4, 2024, around 10 p.m., he left the rehearsal of a play and “called a didi”He was heading from Jorge Washington Street towards the CNE, which is the sector where he lives.

When the taxi arrived, he noticed that the car was “half-rundown” and The driver was watching the match between Ecuador and Argentina on his cell phone.

“It got to the point where the guy couldn’t see ahead and was driving so badly that cars were passing us,” said Holguín, who also asked the taxi driver to drive carefully.

The actor had previously told him that he needed to stop at an ATM because he had no money. However, the driver did not take this warning into account and, when the artist reminded him of this point, he became angry. “He asks me how you are going to get into a taxi without money (…) Now you come out with this nonsense”.

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Finally, they reached an ATM and The actor took out 10 dollars. “I open the door of the taxi and the guy says to me: ‘Well, I’m going to charge you more for the rides’. I tell him no, the app is already charging me more, I’m not going to pay you anything more. So I get halfway into the taxi, hand him the money and He accelerated and I had to jump back because he almost crushed me. and left with the door open along 6th of December Avenue.”

Holguín tried to catch up with him, but the taxi ran the red light and took the bill.

The artist filed a complaint on the app, but was only sent an email telling him that they hope he is okay.

In another video, the model stressed that “It doesn’t matter if you steal 1, 6 dollars or millions like politicians do, for me it is not justified”.

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