Fabian Bustos would be the new coach of Ecuador for these reasons, according to the Peruvian press | Football | Sports

Fabian Bustos would be the new coach of Ecuador for these reasons, according to the Peruvian press | Football | Sports
Fabian Bustos would be the new coach of Ecuador for these reasons, according to the Peruvian press | Football | Sports

So far, all the names that have been floated (due to leaks from businessmen?) as possible candidates to succeed Félix Sánchez Bas as coach of the Tricolor have not been ruled out by the Ecuadorian Football Federation and its secretive leadership (this despite the fact that in December 2019 Francisco Egas, president of the organization, declared: “We understood that what concerns the national team is not something that can be worked on in silence”).

Guillermo Almada, coach of Pachuca, confirmed to EL UNIVERSO that the FEF has not contacted him. Fernando Batista, coach of Venezuela, clarified that he feels comfortable where he is and that he has a contract. Martín Anselmi sent his regards to Ecuadorian football from Mexico, but emphasized that his focus is on Cruz Azul. And through Carlos Gruezo, his assistant at São Paulo, Luis Zubeldía sent a message to those who nominate him: proud to be mentioned, but for now they will remain in Brazil.

Ecuador needs a coach who does not lend himself to manipulation in call-ups, players who abandon their arrogance, and a FEF that acts with good judgment.

The umpteenth name mentioned to take charge of Ecuador is that of Argentine Fabián Bustos, who trained as a coach in the country, where he won two of the three national crowns that he lists on his resume.

‘It’s a pride’: Guillermo Almada, on the interest of the Ecuadorian national team in hiring him

Bustos’ ‘advantage’

The newspaper Liberofrom Lima, titles an article like this: ‘Universitario leaving? Fabián Bustos among the candidates to lead Ecuador’. The Republica, also a newspaper from the Peruvian capital, follows the same line in a headline: ‘Is he leaving Universitario? Fabián Bustos is an option to be Ecuador’s coach’.

Do Guillermo Almada and the FEF have contacts? This is what the Pachuca coach told EL UNIVERSO

Libero He says that the Tri’s board is looking for a coach who knows Ecuadorian football well and is up to the challenge, and that is why Bustos “is considered one of those who best knows Ecuadorian football, which gives him an advantage to lead the northerners.”

‘I am very happy with Venezuela, following the dream of taking it to the World Cup,’ says Fernando Batista, according to the international press, regarding Ecuador’s apparent interest

A question is added: “Why is Fabián Bustos a candidate to lead Ecuador?” This answer is given by the cited media: “The Argentine has had a successful professional career in Ecuador, directing nine teams in that league: Manta, Deportivo Quito, Imbabura, Técnico Universitario, Macará, Liga de Portoviejo, Delfín and Barcelona SC. He has won two national titles, the first with Delfín in the 2019 season. This allowed him to make the leap and reach a big team like Barcelona de Guayaquil, where he won again in 2020.”

The FEF will meet with coach Luis Zubeldía to negotiate his connection to the Ecuadorian national team, according to reports in Brazil

What does Universitario say?

According to The Republic“It is no coincidence that Fabián Bustos is being considered to coach the Ecuadorian national team. The Argentine coach began his career as a coach in that country with the modest Manta. Over the years, he grew and gained experience, which allowed him to coach higher-level clubs, such as Barcelona SC.”

The two Lima newspapers agree that, if Bustos leaves, for the second time in a row Universitario de Deportes would lose a coach tempted by a national team. From that team, the Uruguayan Jorge Fossati jumped to the Peruvian section, and now there is the risk of Bustos leaving for Ecuador. “In this case, the U has not expressed or given a response about the FEF’s intention regarding the Argentine coach,” reports Libero. (D)

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