The statue of Arturo Fernández in Gijón already has a location

Monday, July 8, 2024, 8:22 PM

The proposal promoted through the association Gijón Participa and supported by thousands of signatures to install a statue of the actor Arturo Fernández in front of the Jovellanos Theatre finally receives the approval of the Gijón City Council. The mayor, who had the last word on this matter and recently held a meeting with the promoters of this initiative, will accept this Tuesday in the Plenary a request presented by the PP to allow the sculptural piece that will represent the charismatic ‘Chat‘ will be located on the Paseo de Begoña, near a theatre that was like his home and which five years ago housed his funeral chapel. Although the City Council had already shown itself willing to accept the installation of the sculpture, it offered the Plaza de Europa for it, a place that did not convince the promoters of this tribute, who will be the ones to pay for the cost of the statue.

The PP, in its capacity as a governing partner, mediated to secure a space in front of the Jovellanos with the intention that the planned sculptural ensemble, which will consist of the figure of the actor sitting on a reproduction of a century-old bench from Gijón, could become, thanks to this privileged location, with the theatre in the background, “a ‘postcard image’ for the photographs of Gijón residents and visitors” who want to pose next to the prolific film, television and theatre actor and Favourite Son of Gijón.

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