Emotional memory of Salwa one year after her sexist murder

Emotional memory of Salwa one year after her sexist murder
Emotional memory of Salwa one year after her sexist murder

With a banner that read ‘Salwa, we do not forget you’, the Feminist Movement of La Rioja wanted to remember that a year ago, in the Martínez Flamarique square in Logroño, the 33-year-old woman was murdered by her husband. Next to the main banner, the participants showed signs against gender-based violence, which read ‘We are not all missing, the murdered’; ‘For those who are not here’; or ’52 femicides and murders in Spain in 2024′.

Before the protest, the spokesperson for the Feminist Movement, Isabel Ilzarbe, told the media that “today marks exactly one year since her murder. We wanted to remember her precisely in the area where she lived because we believe that it is necessary to keep alive the memory of all our murdered women, of all our murdered colleagues and in Logroño especially of Salwa because it was a case that shook us all.”

“I think that we are all able to remember where we were when we heard the news,” added Ilzarbe, who pointed out that “we know that gender-based violence is there; we know that we live with it every day but it is still a reality that we find very difficult to see.”

She pointed out that the situation regarding gender-based violence “is quite similar to last year, we have already had more than 50 murders, which is more than the official figures on gender-based violence that only take into account those that occur within the context of couples or ex-couples”. The spokesperson regretted that “in these last two weekends there have been six murders of women and two children”.

In light of this, Ilzarbe has indicated that “we must continue to raise awareness so that the whole of society is truly aware of what gender violence and sexist violence are and what they entail.” “We must continue to go out on the streets to remember these women, to continue protesting every time we learn of a case,” she added.

Finally, she stated that “as a society we have to show that there is no room for sexist aggression of any kind and continue to remind our public institutions, all of them, that they cannot look the other way and that they still have a lot to revise before this scourge ends.”

In an emotional manifesto, the Feminist Movement has stressed that “the neglect of murdered women is the fuel that keeps sexist violence alive.” They have also warned that denialist discourses are gaining ground: “They deny that we are murdered for being women, they deny that we are kept under the yoke of sexism, they deny the existence of the suffering of thousands of women who are daily victims of this violence, as you were,” they said, appealing to the murdered woman.

“From the same rage and pain that we have felt for a year now, we demand real measures and positions from those who claim to represent us,” and they have insisted, as they pointed out at the last rally, that they do not want more minutes of silence: “Silence is oblivion, and we choose to remember you today and always.”

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