Why is your internet running slow? Here’s how to fix it

During the pandemic, everyone was forced to make greater use of internet at home, whether for work, school or recreational reasons. Most of the family remained constantly connected and with high network activity.

This change brought with it activities and customs that have not disappeared over time. Some companies have opted to maintain a hybrid model between home office and in-person work, as have some universities that teach subjects remotely.

That is why it is so important that we keep an eye on the status of the internet so that there are no failures or delays when working, studying or even playing online.

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  • Signal interference: Other electronic devices, such as microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, or other nearby routers, can make the signal weaker.
  • Distance to router: The further you are from the router, the weaker the signal will be. wifiThis may result in a slower connection or even intermittent disconnections.
  • Age and condition of the router: Your device may need an upgrade or equipment replacement.
  • Number of devices: The network may be overloaded by the number of devices trying to connect at the same time.
  • Physical obstructions: Thick walls, large furniture, mirrors with metallic coating can block or degrade the signal wifi.
  • Wifi thieves: Internet interactions that are outside the home, as well as attempts to steal the password wifi.
  • Restart the router: turn off the routerwait a few seconds and then turn it back on. Restart the router can solve problems.
  • Check the router location: place the router in a central location in your home and in an elevated position. Avoid placing it near metal objects, large appliances or thick walls.
  • Remove obstacles: Make sure there are no physical items between the router and the devices that connect to it.
  • Limit connected devices: If you have many devices connected at the same time, consider disconnecting those you are not using.
  • Use wifi repeaters or extenders: If your house is big and the router main does not cover all areas, consider installing a wifi repeater to extend network coverage.
  • Optimize device settings: Make sure your devices are properly configured to connect to the network.

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