Province renewed price agreement for pork: where can they be obtained?

Province renewed price agreement for pork: where can they be obtained?
Province renewed price agreement for pork: where can they be obtained?

The province renewed for 30 days the promotional price of $4,490 per kg of pork cuts within the framework of the “Acuerdo Santa Fe” program. During the presentation, they confirmed that since the launch of this benefit, the consumption of these pork cuts increased between 50% and 80%.

In addition to the cuts of meat, the agreement includes an important list of products at promotional prices. To access all the information regarding Rosario, you can access this link.

“Since we took office, on the initiative of Governor Maximiliano Pullaro, our premise has always been to prioritize dialogue with all sectors of the production and commercial chain. The Santa Fe Agreement is the expression of a way of working and managing: with humility, listening and seeking to make the people of Santa Fe win,” said the Minister of Productive Development, Gustavo Puccini, when presenting the expansion of the initiative at the Pingüino Supermarket in the town of Castellanos department.

For the past 6 months, the Provincial Government has been carrying out this initiative together with producers, distributors, supermarkets and self-service stores, offering 50 products to 200 stores in 45 localities at affordable prices. Every month, new localities, merchandise and actors are incorporated into the program.

“In this case, thanks to the commitment of the Santa Fe meat processing plants, we identified a potential in pork, a quality, healthy product, necessary in the daily diet and at half the price of beef. One month after its incorporation, consumption rose between 50 and 80% and today we are renewing the same value for 30 more days. We also updated the entire program with an average variation of just 2%,” said the Secretary of Domestic Trade, Gustavo Rezzoaglio.

The Santa Fe Agreement is a Provincial Government program implemented through the Ministry of Productive Development. It offers a basic basket of products at reference prices for 30 days and includes essential items such as groceries, beverages, meats and sausages; cold cuts and refrigerated products; dairy products, cleaning and hygiene products; baked goods, gluten-free products, fruits and vegetables. Both the prices and the participating stores can be consulted by accessing

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