Falcao: “In Brazil we see Palma Futsal as a very safe and competitive project”

Falcao: “In Brazil we see Palma Futsal as a very safe and competitive project”
Falcao: “In Brazil we see Palma Futsal as a very safe and competitive project”


July 8, 2024

Falcao was the main attraction at the presentation of the Intercontinental Cup in Palma. The Brazilian legend landed in Mallorca to be the ambassador for the grand final on Saturday 2 November between the UEFA Futsal Champions League champions and the Copa Libertadores champions. Falcao, a two-time world champion with Brazil who won eight leagues and nine Copa Libertadores, took advantage of the presentation to praise the work of Illes Balears Palma Futsal and its project: “We, in Brazil, see Palma Futsal as a very safe, very competitive project. It has won the Champions League for futsal for two years,” said the world star, who added that “Palma Futsal is a project that brings Brazilians and players from all over the world to be able to play in a very organised team and in a city as beautiful as Palma.”

Regarding the match, of which he is an ambassador, he ventured that “I am certain that it will be a great match with the two main futsal countries, Brazil and Spain, represented by Magnus and Palma Futsal. I am the ambassador of a great match for the world of futsal, having this commitment to be chosen to be here in such a beautiful city. I am sure that on November 2nd the world of futsal will be watching this match, other people will be able to get to know this beautiful city and we will see each other in November because it will be a great match.” The Brazilian was visiting Palma for the first time and was amazed by the city: “It is a great pleasure to be here and to get to know the city of Palma, which is very beautiful, I am delighted. I cannot play but I am going to ask to sign a contract to come here for the next ten summers” he said ironically. Finally, he had words of thanks to all those who have made this event possible: “Congratulations to all those who make this project possible, both the government, sponsors, the people behind it” he admitted.

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