Google Maps’ most anticipated feature comes to CarPlay users

Google Maps’ most anticipated feature comes to CarPlay users
Google Maps’ most anticipated feature comes to CarPlay users

Google Maps is one of the most used navigation apps on the iPhone and therefore on CarPlay. An unrivaled search engine and collaborative features inherited from Waze make it one of the preferred map applicationsHowever, since 2019 there was a feature that had reached Android smartphones and it has not been until now that it is also expanding to iOS users.

Controlling the speed at which you go will now be easier.

This new feature comes five years after Android users were already able to enjoy it. We are talking about the speedometer, the ability to see on the Google Maps screen the speed at which you are movingThis is in addition to already built-in functions such as speed limits or radar warnings.

Being able to see the speed you are going on your iPhone or on the CarPlay screen is very useful, as this way the co-pilot or the rest of the people you have in the car can be alert in case you have stepped on the accelerator too much. Also, it is interesting to see the movement generated through a GPS signal and observe the difference with the car’s internal speedometer.

How to activate the Google Maps speedometer on the iPhone

This feature is coming from progressively to all Google Maps usersIt is essential to have the app updated to the latest version, so go to the App Store and search for Google Maps to see if there are any pending updates. Based on our tests, users who connect the iPhone to the car and use CarPlay have more possibilities to see the speedometer. In fact, I have tested it with my own car and it is visible in CarPlay, but using the iPhone independently it is not.

Google Maps Speedometer on Apple CarPlay

The current speed will appear next to the speed limit to always keep in mind the speed of the route. If you want to deactivate it, you can do so from the Google Maps application on the iPhone.

  1. Ve a Google Maps
  2. Click on your profile > Settings > Navigation
  3. Scroll down to where you find the speedometer option

With this new feature of Google Maps for the iPhone, it becomes an even more complete browser. On the other hand, Apple Maps has special features that outperform Googleso we recommend using both applications depending on the functionality you need and the time or city you are in. If you still don’t find this function in your Google Maps, it will be a matter of days before it reaches you, as a gradual rollout of this long-awaited functionality is being carried out.

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