The unknown CEO of the Arsmate platform — Fast Check

The unknown CEO of the Arsmate platform — Fast Check
The unknown CEO of the Arsmate platform — Fast Check

The Chilean platform that allows selling exclusive content for subscribers, closed with sales of $10.8 billion in June of this year, however, sales are projected to double by the end of 2024, reaching $20 billion. Despite the sustained success that the company has achieved, little is known about its founder and CEO, Daniel Muñoz, of whom there are also no photographs.

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Arsmate is a Chilean platform that allows any content creator to monetize their work and earn money from it. It is mostly used by people who generate adult content.

Although Arsmate was born between 2017 and 2018, it was three years later (2021) when it began to experience sustained growth. In May 2023, they had almost 50 thousand creators and more than a million subscribers, according to La Tercera.

In conversation with the aforementioned media, the lawyer and commercial manager, Paola Rojas says that “at the end of June of this year, we had already $10.8 billion in salesand therefore we believe that in 2024 we will double what was sold last year, to reach about $20 billion“However, what is known about Daniel Muñoz, the CEO of the platform?

Who is Daniel Muñoz Venegas?

Daniel Muñoz Venegas —36 years old and married— is the CEO and founder of the Chilean platform Arsmate. Muñoz owns 100% of the firm, which is made up of six other companies.

The general manager —born in Renca— currently resides on a plot of land in the town of Batuco, located in the commune of Lampa. According to La Tercera, he works from there for most of the week.

According to Rojas, who works closely with him, “he doesn’t want to expose himself. He wants to live in peace, to be able to have lunch in La Vega or eat a hot dog without being bothered.” This is why there are no photographic records of him.

However, the lawyer explains that Muñoz was originally a musician, and taught himself computer science. Along the same lines, she says that the CEO had intentions of recording an album with his songs, but he came up against the barrier of record companies, their demands and high economic costs.

It was between 2017 and 2018 when, with an investment of 100 thousand dollars, he set up an open web platform for artists who wanted to exhibit their works and for subscribers to pay to see them. “It was a fiasco. Nobody paid to see artistic content,” explains Rojas.

In 2015, Only Fans was already growing by offering explicit sexual content. With this idea in mind, between 2019 and 2020, Muñoz decided to focus his platform on that aspect. In 2021 —and in the face of the uncertainty caused by the ruling of the US Congress that prohibited the sale of sexual content on Only Fans— “Daniel called Chilean girls one by one who displayed their content on Only Fans, and presented this other platform that, unlike Only Fans, offered better customer service, with 24/7 support, a lower commission and immediate payment, since Only Fans took up to three weeks,” explains Rojas.

After what happened in the United States, Arsmate managed to go from 500 to 2,000 clients.

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