What if I need to call 911 for an emergency, but I don’t speak English?

What if I need to call 911 for an emergency, but I don’t speak English?
What if I need to call 911 for an emergency, but I don’t speak English?

One of the complications when emigrating to the United States is the languagein addition to being essential for communicating with people, It can be indispensable in times of emergency.. For this reason, the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) launched A guide for migrants who do not yet speak English and They need to call 911.

According to the criteria of

According to Uscis, calling 911 is only done in “Serious emergencies that represent a life or death situation”. And regarding the language, they point out: “If you don’t speak English, Tell us what language you speak. An interpreter will likely need to join the call.”

This means that in any emergency you should not hesitate to call 911, no matter what language you speak. Across the United States, this number works from any phone and the estimated time of this is just 12 secondsThe guide emphasizes that you can only contact 911 in these situations:

  • Inform about a fire
  • Inform about a crime in progress
  • Request emergency medical aid
  • Inform about a gas leak
  • Inform about suspicious activities, such as screams, calls for help, or gunshots

An interpreter of your language will join the call


More recommendations about 911

From Uscis they pointed out some tips More about a 911 callemphasizing that If you do it for the wrong reason “may prevent another person from getting the help they need.” And They added: “If you have any police-related questions, please call the police department’s non-emergency number.”

After you are served, the operator will ask you some questions to determine what the emergency is and where it is happening. Once there, recommend: “Stay calm and answer the questions. Try to stay on the line until you have answered all the questions.”

Finally, they stressed In what situations not to call al 911:

  • Ask directions to get somewhere
  • Ask information on public services
  • Figure out if someone is in jail
  • Inform about non-emergency situations
  • Ask Animal Control Information
  • Talk with a police officer
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