Interceptions reveal movements of businessman linked to UNGRD scandal

Interceptions reveal movements of businessman linked to UNGRD scandal
Interceptions reveal movements of businessman linked to UNGRD scandal

In the scandal of the 40 tanker trucks purchased to bring drinking water to La Guajira by the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) one of the most relevant names is that of the millionaire businessman Luis Eduardo Lopez Rosero.

López is in a process of collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office, since he is the one behind the company. Impoamericana Roger SASthe company responsible for providing tank trucks to UNGRD for $46.8 billion.

El Tiempo revealed that the businessman from Pasto appears in 17 companies, not only the six that he has claimed to manage with his family. In addition, the newspaper also revealed some interceptions that could complicate López Rosero’s future.

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These interceptions took place between May 22, 2024 and July 4, in them, for example, they indicate that López Rosero would have impersonated Roger Pastas Fuertes, who appeared as the legal representative of Impoamericana, in a conversation with an official of the Financial Investigation and Analysis Unit. (UIAF).

“He posed as Mr. Alexander Pastas, representing the company, for the meeting he had for a work table”the report states.

In addition, that same day the businessman from Pasto would have spoken with a woman about cancelling a company.

Likewise, López Rosero would have been in a firm called Constructora Andino Verde SAS, which has as partners Closed SASwhich is its property, and the Davinci Alejandría SAS Construction Company.

“Ana Palacios (an employee of Luket SAS), in a conversation that she apparently had with an official of the Fiduprevisoraconfirms that he is from the company Unión Temporal Warnewyour SP, in which the official informs him that he has a process and that he must submit documentation”reveals.

That is to say, there would be a relationship between the businessman and Fiduprevisora, the entity that would have mediated this other contract, according to El Tiempo.

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Palacios said in the conversation that the company LLC has the López family as shareholders.

“It should be noted that in a conversation held by Mrs. Ana Palacios, she states that the shareholders of the company LLKE are (sic) Karen Margarita López Brand and Karol Estefanía López Brand.”

One last interception is on the cell phone of Oscar Enrique Cardenas Angulowho was Planning Secretary of Sabana de Torres, when Sneyder Pinilla was elected mayor of that municipality in Santander.

Cárdenas was heard talking about the technical aspect of the tanker for La Guajira: “It is noteworthy that a conversation between Oscar Cardenas and an unknown woman regarding the physical file of OT 185 of small tank trucks mentions Mr. Jose Reales or Mrs. Viviana Moreno. Apparently, they are the legal experts who may know about the subject.”

“On the other hand, something worth highlighting is the transfer of residence that Mr. Oscar Cardenas made from the city of Bogota to Floridablanca (Santander)”he adds.

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