France prepare for possible penalty shootout against Spain: here are the stats for Unai Simón and Mike Maignan

France prepare for possible penalty shootout against Spain: here are the stats for Unai Simón and Mike Maignan
France prepare for possible penalty shootout against Spain: here are the stats for Unai Simón and Mike Maignan

France goalkeeper Mike Maignan (REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)

France prepares for the duel against Spain. Eurocup Spain is now entering the semi-finals, the two matches in which the finalists will be decided, those who will play the last match of the competition to win the cup. The first match of this round will be between Spain and France on Tuesday, each conditioned by its progress in the European tournament. The Red as the big favourite after a flawless competition. Meanwhile, France goes into the match with a problem that has marked its Euro adventure: the lack of goal. Thus, after drawing two of the group stage matches, winning two thanks to an own goal, and another in the penalty shootout; they have begun to prepare the shots from the distance of eleven meters.

The French team is clear that their lack of goals could lead the match against the Spanish team to the dreaded penalty shootout. A plausible event that they have already begun to prepare in order to find out who the best penalty takers are. A fact that has caused a great stir among the fans of Bluessince they consider that these images could give clues to Spain, since they have been published by a French media outlet.Well, great! Thanks for the info!“, Antoine Griezmann reacted ironically to the publication.

However, as we have seen in this competition, it is not all about the players being sharp when taking penalty shots, but the goalkeepers also have a lot to say in these situations. Portugal knows well the fundamental role that the goalkeeper plays in penalty shoot-outs. In the match against Slovenia, it was the distance from the penalty spot that decided who would be France’s opponent in the quarter-finals. And the truth is that the Portuguese achieved victory thanks to a saint called Diogo Costa who He stopped all three shots that the Slovenians fired from the penalty spot. Without the Portuguese goalkeeper, they might not have made it to the next round of the competition. And what are the goalkeepers’ statistics in the Spain-France game?

Diogo Costa has a penalty save percentage of 41.67%, which makes him a real “penalty saver”. A high percentage that very few goalkeepers can match. But, in the first match of the Euro semi-finals, the match between Spain and France, what percentage of saves does each goalkeeper have? In the case of the Spaniard, Unai Simón, he has a success rate in penalty shoot-outs of 35%since wearing the Spanish national team shirt he has been able to stop seven of the 20 penalties taken against him.

For his part, the French goalkeeper has only faced two penalty shootouts, only one of which has been wearing the shirt of Blues last Friday against Portugal, where he failed to stop any shots. It was thanks to the Joao Felix’s failure how they got through to the semi-finals. That is to say, he does not have much experience with shots from the eleven metres with his national team. It should be noted that outside of the shoot-outs he has managed to stop some of these shots, the last one in this very Euro Cup, during the match against Poland in the group stage, where he saved the shot of Lewandowskialthough the referee decided to replay it and on this occasion the striker did not fail.

An inexperienced goalkeeper and a goalkeeper with a high percentage of success will face each other this Tuesday. However, there is no indication that the match will be decided by the dreaded penalties, although if it does happen, the data supports the Spaniard, although the shot from eleven meters is always a lottery and regardless of what the statistics say, anything could happen.

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