BlackBerry reinvents itself: it no longer makes cell phones

BlackBerry, a pioneer in mobile, now excels in cybersecurity and software, adapting to new technological challenges. (GLENN CHAPMAN/AFP)

In the early 2000s, BlackBerry established itself as a giant in the mobile phone sector. The Canadian company, known for its elegant and durable devices, was a symbol of prestige and efficiency in communication.

However, after almost twenty years and since stopped making phones in 2016, BlackBerry found a new way to stay relevant in the tech industry.

The company was unable to sustain its position in the mobile market in the face of Apple’s innovation with the iPhone and the widespread adoption of Android devices. Despite this, BlackBerry redirected its focus to another sector: software and cybersecurity. This strategic shift enabled the company to remain competitive and find new growth opportunities in a constantly evolving digital environment.

BlackBerry achieved remarkable performance under its new direction. In its financial report for the first fiscal quarter, which ended May 31, The company reported revenue of $144 million, exceeding analysts’ expectations, who had forecast revenue of $134.1 million.

In accordance with Yahoo FinanceRBC Capital noted that “the firm’s near-term profitability outlook is improving.” Despite this optimistic outlook, BlackBerry still faces challenges on its path to profitability. In the first fiscal quarter, the company posted a loss of $42 million, indicating that there is still work to be done to achieve financial balance.

In 2022, the Canadian company decided to withdraw new updates to its operating system. (Luis Navarro)

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