Legal dispute over 24° Royal Spirits between ILC and FLA

Legal dispute over 24° Royal Spirits between ILC and FLA
Legal dispute over 24° Royal Spirits between ILC and FLA

Amid the legal conflict between the Caldas Liquor Industry (ILC) and the Antioquia Liquor Factory (FLA), the dispute has reached a new level with the launch of Aguardiente Real 24° by the FLA, a limited edition that is defying a court ban and generating significant legal and commercial reactions.

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The dispute over a limited edition

Last December, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) imposed a precautionary measure against the FLA, ordering the withdrawal of yellow Aguardiente Real from the market due to its similarity to the ILC’s Aguardiente Amarillo de Manzanares. This measure was recently ratified by the Superior Court of Bogotá at the end of June, reinforcing the initial ban.

Background and judicial measures

The controversy dates back to the dispute over the similarity between products, where the ILC alleges that the FLA’s Aguardiente Real confuses consumers due to its yellow colour, similar to that of its own product. The SIC supported this position with the injunction, which the FLA is now challenging with the launch of a new variant, the Aguardiente Real 24°.

The launch of the limited edition

The FLA argues that Aguardiente Real 24° is a renewed version that is not subject to the current ban, highlighting its bottle with an opal design and an exclusive security seal that guarantees its authenticity. This action has rekindled the dispute between both entities, generating expectations about how this new legal twist will be resolved.

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ILC reaction and call to governors

Robledo Abogados, legal representatives of the ILC, have reaffirmed the illegality of the FLA’s yellow Aguardiente Real and have urged the governors of Colombia to comply with the SIC’s injunction, requesting that the distribution of the product be prohibited in their respective territories. This petition underlines the importance of maintaining the integrity of the liquor market and protecting consumers.

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