Popular music singer was kidnapped in Cauca: this is known

Popular music singer was kidnapped in Cauca: this is known
Popular music singer was kidnapped in Cauca: this is known

This Monday it was learned that popular music singer Tony Díaz was kidnapped near the municipality of Morales, in the department of Cauca. The incident was reported by the person who was accompanying the artist during the kidnapping.

According to preliminary information, Tony Díaz was making a trip from Manizales, in Caldas, to the urban area of ​​the municipality of Morales, Caucawhere he had a private musical performance.

During the journey, The vehicle in which the artist was traveling was intercepted by men armed with rifles, who took control of the car and fled with the occupants on board. According to the person who was accompanying the artist, a few kilometers later he managed to escape from the car, but Díaz remained in the custody of the criminals.

Immediately afterwards, This person confirmed that he met with members of an indigenous community, who helped him file a complaint at the police station closest to the area.

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For now, The reason why the artist was kidnapped is unknown and the competent authorities are carrying out a sweep in the area with the aim of collecting evidence to clarify this case.

It is important to mention that Tony Díaz is a popular music singer who is well received in several areas of the country. and, according to what has been published on social media, his concerts in Cauca are frequent.

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