What are the benefits of Internet for Wellbeing for 200 pesos?

What are the benefits of Internet for Wellbeing for 200 pesos?
What are the benefits of Internet for Wellbeing for 200 pesos?

Where to compare the Internet of Wellbeing chip (Design: Jovani Pérez)

Internet for Wellbeing It aims to compete with the prices of large telecommunications companies and offer connectivity to people. David Pantoja Melendezgeneral director of CFE Telecommunications and Internet, revealed that the brand, along with other free service programs, It is the one with the greatest coverage.

According to the report presented at the morning conference on July 4, it was revealed that they have allowed the connection of 2.5 million inhabitants, 19 thousand small towns where companies do not reach because it is not economically profitable for them.

What characterizes the CFE brand are Low prices and multiple benefits to guarantee servicealthough this may present problems or interruptions at times due to the infrastructure.

In this sense, Internet for Wellbeing offers packages from the 50 pesos and up to 230 pesoswhich compared to telecommunications companies, their benefits are greater.

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Packages ranging from 99 pesos have a duration of 30 days in the particular case of the package of 200 pesos per month offers:

  • 15 Gigas to browse the internet.
  • Unlimited social networks (WhatsApp, X, FacebookMessenger, Telegram, Instagram y Snapchat).
  • Unlimited minutes for calls and text messages.
  • IIncludes long distance and international roaming to the United States and Canada.

The purchase of the chip to be able to connect to the Internet for Wellbeing line can be done from the brand’s official website, it is possible to keep the current telephone number and enjoy these benefits.

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