Drug network may be responsible for Matthew Perry’s death

Drug network may be responsible for Matthew Perry’s death
Drug network may be responsible for Matthew Perry’s death

The star of the famous 90s series Friends, Matthew Perry, who died suddenly on October 28, 2023 at the age of 54, continues to be news after his autopsy revealed that the cause of death were the “acute effects of ketamine”, anesthetic used to treat depression, anxiety, and addictions.

The medical examiner’s report listed drowning, coronary heart disease and the effects of buprenorphine, a drug used for opioid use disorder, as contributing factors.

In this sense Perry’s attorney, Marty Singer, who worked with the actor for decades, asked to prosecute those responsible for supplying the actor with inappropriate substances, which led to his death.

It is worth noting that the investigation into Matthew Perry’s death allowed the North American authorities to discover a possible drug trafficking network in Hollywood. At the same time, he specified that “Anyone who has been involved in the inappropriate use of ketamine should be prosecuted.”

The autopsy revealed elevated levels of ketamine in the actor’s body, similar to those used during surgery. It was also learned that the actor received ketamine infusion therapy a week and a half before his death. Because it is suspected that he obtained the fatal dose from another source.

People involved

The exesposa del actor Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, It has been seen involved in the investigation of the death Perry. Although she was not charged with any crime, authorities found a laptop and an iPhone in her bedroom at a Los Angeles residence.

It was also learned that a B-list actress, whose identity has not yet been revealed, is under investigation in relation to the death.

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