“I couldn’t breathe”: Ukrainian mother tells of horror of Russian attack on children’s hospital

“I couldn’t breathe”: Ukrainian mother tells of horror of Russian attack on children’s hospital
“I couldn’t breathe”: Ukrainian mother tells of horror of Russian attack on children’s hospital


KIEV.- In a tragic and brutal attackA Russian missile hit the Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in kyiv on Monday, killing two people and injuring 16. in one of the worst bombings in months. The attack, which occurred at around 10 a.m. local time, left much of the hospital in ruins, with windows blown out and buildings collapsed, and plunged the city into deep fear.

Moments after the impact, Svitlana Kravchenko33, rushed to Protecting Your Two-Month-Old Baby who was being treated in hospital, covering him with a cloth to prevent him from inhaling dust and debris. “We heard the explosion and debris rained down on us,” he said.

Emergency and rescue personnel along with doctors and others clear the rubble of the destroyed building of the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital following a Russian missile attack in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on July 8, 2024.ROMAN PILIPEY – AFP

It was scary. I couldn’t breathe. “I was trying to cover him with this cloth so he could breathe,” she said, her voice shaking as she emerged from the bomb shelter. Around her were rescue teams, soldiers and civilians. They formed human chains to remove rubble in search of survivors.

The attack destroyed a large part of the hospital, which is known to perform around 10,000 surgeries a year and accommodate 600 children. The scene at the hospital was heartbreaking: trembling mothers clutched their babies, while wounded and dazed doctors tried to grasp the scale of the devastation.

Medical assistance to a child following Russian missile attacks on the city, which damaged and partially destroyed the Okhmatdyt Children’s Clinical Hospital. Aleksandr Gusev – SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire

Svitlana and her husband, Volodymyr, looked at the destruction with their son in their arms, grateful to have survived despite minor injuries. Their car had been buried under the rubblebut the young family considered themselves lucky as they survived with only a few minor cuts.

Rescue teams continued to search through the rubble. Yevhenia Rojvargua 55-year-old toxicology specialist She said all her immediate colleagues were alive, but she was unsure of the fate of those who may have remained on the upper floors.

Damage is seen on a street at a site of a Russian missile attack near the Lukianivska metro station in kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, July 8, 2024.Anton Shtuka – AP

Rojvarg described the explosion as “extremely powerful,” blowing out windows and doors and knocking over furniture. Asked if he felt angry, he said no: “Maybe exhaustion. And a very deep sadness.“He expressed, hoping that the suffering would end soon.

President Volodímir Zelensky condemned the attack and said Russia had fired more than 40 missiles at different cities, causing One of the deadliest days of the war so far this yearAcross the country, at least 29 people were killed in the series of missile attacks.

Meanwhile, the community came together in the midst of grief. Hundreds of residents rushed to the hospital with water and aid, trying to comfort those affected and search for those missing.

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has launched a war crimes investigation as rescue efforts continue amid the rubble in hopes of finding more survivors.

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