This is how the murder of a powerful drug lord took place in an exclusive clinic in Spain, for which a Colombian is among the most wanted

This is how the murder of a powerful drug lord took place in an exclusive clinic in Spain, for which a Colombian is among the most wanted
This is how the murder of a powerful drug lord took place in an exclusive clinic in Spain, for which a Colombian is among the most wanted

LSpanish police are certain that the Colombian hitman who evaded the security of an exclusive clinic in Madrid and killed one of the most powerful drug lords in the country with four shots, he is still alive. That is why he has just been included in the list of the most wanted criminals in Spain, with the label of ‘very dangerous’.

According to the criteria of

Informants claim that the man is still living in Europe after having participated in the murder of the drug lord Leonidas Vargas, partner of Pablo Escobar and the Mexican Amado Carrillo; and arch enemy of the shady emerald dealer Víctor Carranza Niño.

World Cup and ‘Perfect Plan’

Leonidas Vargas.

Photo:File / EFE

Leonidas Vargas, a violent butcher of El Doncello (Caquetá) had accumulated power by becoming the main supplier of the so-called ‘lord of the skies’, the drug lord Amado Carrillo, who smuggled Colombian cocaine out in all types of planes.

He rose to second place in the Medellín Cartel after the neutralization of Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, alias El Mexicano. But he was fleeing from Colombian justice, which captured him in the 1990s while gambling away part of his drug profits in a Cartagena casino.

To evade the authorities, Leonidas Vargas bought two false identities and traveled to Europe to attend the World Cup in Germany (2006).

Room 543

Jonathan Andrés Ortiz was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Photo:Provided by authorities

He arrived in Madrid under the name of José Antonio Ortiz Mora, an alleged Venezuelan businessman and football fan who was seeking medical advice for a severe lung condition.

However, Interpol and The mafia discovered that it was Leonidas Vargas when a shipment of cocaine was seized and he was captured in a luxury hotel in Madrid.

Although it happened After a season in the Alcalá de Henares-Meco and Navalcarnero prisons, his Spanish lawyer Emilio Eiranova managed to get him conditional release to receive treatment for his lung condition. And then a squad of five hitmen appeared and began following him and one of his daughters around Madrid.

They decided to kill him in room 543 of the 12 de Octubre Hospital, on Avenida Córdoba, where he went to therapy and to recharge the oxygen tank that he dragged through the frozen Madrid at the end of the year (book ‘The Mafia Lawyer’, Random House).

The epicrisis and the most wanted

According to the epicrisis (medical report), the capo Leonidas Vargas entered on December 23, 2008 with a cardiorespiratory deficiency and was released on January 11, 2009 with two shots in the internal carotid artery and another in the jaw, which reached the brain.

A fourth bullet lodged at the base of the heart.

Leonidas Vargas was an associate of Mexican drug lord Amado Carrillo.

Photo:Private file

It is now known that there were five hitmen who were watching him and who arrived at the hospital that morning. Jonathan Montoya Rendón -who has no criminal record in Colombia- watched the apartment while Jonathan Andrés Ortiz fired the gun in the company of Alexander Salazar Cortés.

The latter was an illegal migrant and lived in Fuerteventura washing dishes.

Pablo Escobar was a partner of Leonidas Vargas.


The others involved in the crime were Jonathan Fajardo Ospina and Édgar Andrés Flores, who were guarding the hospital entrance.

The Spanish authorities managed to capture and sentence (to 23 years) all the material authors of the crime of the capo, but Jonathan Montoya Rendón He managed to escape. And it was never known who gave the order from Colombia to carry out the crime.

The Spanish Police believe that by disclosing his photo Someone please provide information on where Montoya Rendón is hiding, who has been evading justice for 15 years.


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