The San Juan company that reported a multimillion-dollar theft in Salta is now accused of fraud

Weeks after a San Juan drilling company’s complaint was made public for the alleged theft of millions of dollars in equipment from a lithium mining project in Salta, the counterattack came. Another Salta company and a group of workers denounced the San Juan firm for alleged fraud and the issuance of checks without funds.

This novel of cross-accusations began at the end of May, when the San Juan company Hidrolik SAS based in Pocito, reported to the Salta Court the theft of equipment, tools and even clothing worth 400 million within the Mariana mining project in the Salar de Llullaillaco, in San Antonio de los Cobres.

The firm was hired by the company Litio Minera Argentina and had been working there since December 2023 with a drilling rig from the company M&P Servicios Especiales de Tartagal. According to the residents of San Juan, the drilling machine broke down and they had to suspend work.


During those weeks, the company that owns the project prevented Hydrolik personnel from entering the project and later looted their containers, where they kept machines, tools and clothing. For this reason, the San Juan company reported Litio Minera Argentina for the disappearance of its equipment and M&P Servicios Especiales de Tartagal for the alleged fraud with the rental of that drilling machine.

The response was not long in coming. The media outlet Minería y Desarrollo published this week that the San Juan company was now accused of a fraud of around 2 million dollars. He cited criminal lawyer Sergio Heredia, who represents the alleged victims and who made statements to Nuevo Diario de Salta.


The lawyer added that the San Juan company outsourced its services and rented equipment to another company from Tartagal, EMIPE. “Despite the advance payment, the San Juan company began to cut back on payments to employees and to the company from which the equipment was rented. And the chain of non-payments continued to grow. It even went so far as to issue checks without funds. All this until EMIPE rescinded the contract and seized the Hydrolik company for 800 thousand dollars,” said Heredia.

He said the damage was significant. “There is talk of more than 2 million dollars, receiving an advance of 700 thousand dollars. The first problem is that this company already had a bad financial history, even criminal,” said Heredia.

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