Strike postponed at Mi Macro Periférico and Mi Macro Calzada

Strike postponed at Mi Macro Periférico and Mi Macro Calzada
Strike postponed at Mi Macro Periférico and Mi Macro Calzada

Guadalajara Jalisco.

Se postponed to July 26the outbreak of a strike in the transport system My Macro Peripheral, My Macro Roadas well as on ten routes including 25, 27, 30, 30 A, 176 and the luxury route Premier, reported Ricardo Aguayo Andrade, leader of the Union of Public Transport Drivers of the State of Jalisco (Sicotrapej)

  • The union is demanding a 20% pay rise, as well as decent toilets for female drivers and a reduction in workloads, since when they work double shifts they are in charge of a unit for up to 17 hours.

“The salary issue is the most important, due to the shortage of drivers, due to the minimum payment which has not been reflected in several years. People are leaving, they are migrating to other types of jobs.

As for the toilets, it is a disgrace that a transport project that is a ‘pipe and glove’ has us in these conditions.

The toilets They pay to go to other places to do their basic needs, other bathrooms that are in corridors that have not been opened, apparently have been granted and have not reached the price.

The toilet for women is essential, that is why they emigrate because they have nowhere to do their business,” she explained.

Sicotrapej stated that negotiations for reach agreements with the Truckers Alliance and if the strike does not break out, they will resume at the headquarters of the Federal Labor Center, starting next Wednesday.

  • Operators ask to be allocated a time to eat.

“There is no (time). That is the problem, because the workloads They are set by Setran (Secretary of Transport), so companies are forced to cover their schedules, but the one who pays is the driver,

Because if there is a run on a route of 20 trucks, we have to have 40 drivers,

We work with them 20 or 25 or 30 drivers and the runs that Setran imposes, have to happen, because they have to happen,” said.

Currently there 15 female drivers in My Macro Peripheral y My Macro Roadhowever, there are no toilets for them. A few months ago there were up to 50 female operators, but due to the lack of bathrooms, some of them simply left their jobs.

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