Hijab and technology come together in a digital milestone

Hijab and technology come together in a digital milestone
Hijab and technology come together in a digital milestone

The world of beauty pageants has taken a groundbreaking step with the introduction of artificial intelligence, culminating in Kenza Layli’s victory in the first Miss Artificial Intelligence pageant. Kenza, a virtual influencer from Morocco known for her advocacy of female empowerment in technology, stood out not only for her looks but for her activism.

Dressed in an elegant gold hijab and matching dress, Layli prevailed over her competitors at the event, which was broadcast exclusively on social media. In addition to a $5,000 prize, the contest offers technology mentoring programs and public relations services for the winner.

During the competition, Layli not only showed her “great facial consistency” and “detail in her hands, eyes and clothes,” as Aitana López of the jury highlighted, but she also used her platform to advocate for a more inclusive future and empower women in the technology sector.

The Moroccan influencer also took a moment to express condolences to the King of Morocco for the loss of his mother, demonstrating an awareness of her social and political environment. Despite criticism for the lack of body diversity and traditional beauty stereotypes, the pageant has been a stage to discuss and promote significant social causes.

The Miss AI pageant, though controversial, has been a showcase for how technology can challenge norms and open up new opportunities for representation and social activism in the digital realm.

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