With bricks and boards? Atrocious murder of a 22-year-old

With bricks and boards? Atrocious murder of a 22-year-old
With bricks and boards? Atrocious murder of a 22-year-old

Just when it was thought that the weekend in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, and the metropolitan area would be free of violent incidents, the discovery of a lifeless body in the La Divina Pastora neighborhood broke the streak.

On Sunday, at 7:50 in the morning, when some people who live in that area were going about their daily chores, they noticed that a corpse was lying in a vacant lot, located on 31st Avenue and 33rd Street, which generated fear and anxiety.

Immediately, the neighbors alerted the Metropolitan Police of Cúcuta (Mecuc) to verify what had happened since -according to the community- no one heard or saw anything.

Minutes later, the officers arrived at the scene, finding the body of Brayan Orlando Sánchez Ortiz, 22, with his face completely covered in blood and several flies hovering around him. Apparently, the murder took place in the early hours of the morning, so he had been left there for several hours.

The authorities were in charge of notifying the Interinstitutional Homicide Brigade (Brinho) so that they could carry out the technical inspection and removal of the body.

At the scene they found some bricks and a board that had traces of blood, most likely from the victim, which would indicate that these would have been the elements used to end the young man’s life.

At the same time, several of the victim’s relatives arrived, and they were in scenes of tears and pain. “He didn’t deserve to die like that,” one of them shouted. Are you interested in: Atrocious femicide in Cartagena! Yesenia was killed by her partner with machetes

It was learned that Sánchez Ortíz had been a drug user for four years but, according to his family, he had not had any problems nor had he received threats from anyone, so they do not understand what could have happened to their loved one.

Intolerance or ‘cleansing’?

This is the question the community is asking itself after learning who the victim was. Although for the authorities the motive for the crime is very clear and it was a case of intolerance, for the community, there is no other name for it than ‘social cleansing’.

It is common for many young people to come to this area to use drugs and that is something we have complained about for a long time. A few days ago we heard that they were doing a ‘clean-up’ in these neighborhoods but we thought it was a lie and now that this happened, I see no other explanation.”

Resident of the sector.

However, the police dismissed this version, stating that the young man’s death had allegedly been the result of a fight. At the time of going to press, they were investigating whether the victim had been summoned to that place. Continue reading: Violent streak in Villanueva: in two days, one dead and one wounded by bullet

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