From ‘Psycho’ to ‘The Shining’: some horror classics to enjoy on Max

From ‘Psycho’ to ‘The Shining’: some horror classics to enjoy on Max
From ‘Psycho’ to ‘The Shining’: some horror classics to enjoy on Max

Scene from ‘The Shining’ (1980)

Horror not only scares us, but also allows us to explore and confront our own fears in a safe environment. Horror films often reflect the social anxieties and internal conflicts of the era in which they were created, offering a form of catharsis for the audience. In this context, Max offers an exceptional selection of horror classics that have left an indelible mark on cinema and popular culture. Psychosis a The glowHere are five must-see films that have defined and redefined the horror genre, now available on the platform streaming.

The horror bestseller, “The Shining” was written by the famous writer Stephen King and in 1980 it was adapted to the cinema by Stanley Kubrick

Based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, The glow (The Shinning) tells the story of Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), a writer who takes a job as winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel. Accompanied by his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and his son Danny (Danny Lloyd), Jack begins to experience disturbing supernatural phenomena that drive him mad.

Although it initially received mixed reviews, The glow has been re-evaluated over time and is now considered a masterpiece of horror cinema. The performance of Jack Nicholson It is iconic, and the meticulous direction of Stanley Kubrick has been the subject of numerous analyses and studies. The film has influenced generations of filmmakers and remains a benchmark in the genre.

The movie of Kubrick also It is notable for its oppressive atmosphere, its eerie soundtrack and its innovative use of the Steadicam to create fluid and disturbing camera movements.

Christine (1983) Directed by John Carpenter and based on a story by Stephen King.

Another notable adaptation of Stephen King present in the catalogue of Max es Christine. Its story follows Arnie Cunningham, a shy teenager who purchases a 1958 Plymouth Fury. When Arnie begins repairs, the vehicle (which he names Christine) proves to be much more than an inanimate machine. Not only is she capable of self-repair, but she is shown to have a jealous and possessive personality, willing to take revenge on anyone who dares to harm her or her owner.

Although it did not achieve the same level of recognition as other adaptations of Kingthe film has gained cult status among horror fans and especially among followers of CarpenterArnie’s transformation and the car’s ominous presence are well executed, and the film effectively manages to combine elements of psychological horror with practical effects that were impressive for its time.

The Exorcist won two Academy Awards and was nominated for eight others, including Best Picture.

Fifty years after its premiere, The Exorcist (The Exorcist1973) is still considered one of the best and scariest horror films in the history of cinema. Based on the novel by William Peter Blatty and directed by William Friedkin, The film has laid the foundations for an entire subgenre.

The plot follows Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair), a pre-teen who becomes possessed by a demon. Desperate, her mother Chris (Ellen Burstyn) seeks the help of two priests, the experienced exorcist Father Merrin (Max von Sydow) and the troubled Father Karras (Jason Miller), to free his daughter from demonic possession.

In addition to being a box office and critical success, The Exorcist won two Academy Awards and was nominated for eight others, including Best Picture. Its cultural impact was profound, generating controversy and leaving a lasting mark on the horror genre. The film tackles themes of faith, doubt, and the clash between good and evil, offering an intense and disturbing experience that has endured throughout the decades.

Red Moon is a classic within the werewolf subgenre

Red Moon (Bad Moon) follows Ted Harrison (Michael Pare), a photographer who is attacked by a werewolf while on an expedition. After returning home to recover, Ted struggles to maintain his humanity as his family, including his sister Janet (Mariel Hemingway) and his nephew Brett (Mason Gamble), they begin to notice their strange behavior.

Although Red Moon Although it wasn’t necessarily a commercial success, it has found a loyal audience among werewolf movie fans. The film is appreciated for its practical special effects and effective storytelling. The performance of Michael Pare as a man caught between two worlds and the central relationship between the characters also add emotional depth to the horror story.

The shower murder of Janet Leigh’s character is the pivotal scene in the film, as well as one of the most famous in the history of cinema.

Another of the classics of genre cinema present in the catalogue of Max es Psychosis (Psycho). This film follows Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), a secretary who flees with a large sum of stolen money and takes refuge in an isolated motel run by the enigmatic Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins). What begins as a crime story turns into a terrifying exploration of madness and horror.

It is no news that Psycho turned out to be a critical and commercial success, and is widely considered one of the best films of Alfred Hitchcock. Anthony Perkins gives an iconic performance and the film has been praised for its direction, its script and its ability to surprise audiences.

With its bold narrative, the film Hitchcock not only revolutionized horror cinema but also redefined the genre, leaving an indelible mark on popular culture and the way horror is conceived in cinema.

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