Cemex consolidates its position as the company most recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council

The restoration of a quarry in Hidalgo and monitoring for the preservation of flora and fauna in San Luis Potosí were two projects in our country of the four that WHC awarded to the company in 2024, which reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to building a better future.

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This year’s awards were the Desert Project Award and Awareness & Community Engagement for conservation actions carried out at their plants in Atotonilco de Tula, Hidalgo and Tamuín, San Luis Potosí, respectively.

The medal Desert Project Award was delivered to the Xoyatla Quarry environmental restoration project, focused on recovering natural resources and Support for the protection of the biodiversity of ecosystems, achieved through the monitoring of wild flora and fauna in spaces no longer used for industrial purposes.

For this purpose, since 2021, a land of 72,318 m2 It has been reforested in stages with different native species to prevent soil erosion, in addition to promoting the care and reproduction of the Xamini maguey.

They also developed a water dam for the collection of rainwater and runoffas well as artificial water troughs for wildlife.

The second recognition corresponded to the community guide of the Ejido Estación Tamuín “Whispers of Water: the voice of life”, prepared by 52 environmental promoters from the Community Environmental Restoration Program (PRAC) Tamuín, in San Luis Potosí.

The young people carried out a participatory environmental diagnosis, as well as biological monitoring of flora and fauna, thanks to which More than 200 species were identified in the communityincluding the river otter, of which there were no scientific records of sightings in the area.

CEMEX encourages youth participation in environmental work

These environmental conservation activities go hand in hand with Future in Action, the company’s program to achieve sustainable excellence through climate action, circularity and the management of natural resources with the aim of becoming in a company with zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Based in Maryland, United States, and with more than 35 years, WHC is an organization that has the mission of promoting and certifying the preservation of natural habitats that promote adequate conservation of species, which supports the work of companies like Cemex that are in favor of protecting the environment.

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Certifications provide credibility by objectively evaluating environmental education and improvement activities on corporate properties. Currently, certified programs are located in 20 countries, including the United States..

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