How is the tourism sector in Colombia doing, according to the OECD?

How is the tourism sector in Colombia doing, according to the OECD?
How is the tourism sector in Colombia doing, according to the OECD?

‘Colombia, the country of beauty’, which highlights the natural and cultural attractions that make this a unique destination for business and tourism.


In recent years, tourism has established itself as a very important sector for Colombia, positioning the country as a leading destination in Latin America. This success has been reflected in reports such as the one recently published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), entitled “Trends and tourism policies for 2024”, which highlights that in several countries, including Colombia, tourism has not only recovered after the pandemic, but has surpassed historical highs, demonstrating the remarkable resilience of the sector.

The publication, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the tourism sector in 50 member and partner countries and focuses on the sustainable management of post-pandemic tourism growth, highlights the growing importance of developing policies that balance the economic benefits of tourism with its social and environmental impacts, especially in the context of unplanned growth.

The document also highlights that governments are updating their tourism strategies to reflect the post-pandemic context, seeking more sustainable models and better management of impacts on local communities and the environment. Priorities for governments should include diversifying tourism offerings, reducing environmental impact, adapting to climate change, developing infrastructure and strengthening the workforce, as there is a risk that tourism will lose priority on national political agendas as the sector recovers.

The OECD therefore calls for efforts to be made to maintain a focus on sustainability and balanced management of tourism growth, supported by sufficient resources and effective coordination mechanisms between the different levels of government in order to respond appropriately in cases of crisis or difficulties.

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