“I’m not bringing $30 million to a team”

“I’m not bringing $30 million to a team”
“I’m not bringing $30 million to a team”

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Pato O’Ward’s best finish in the IndyCar Drivers’ Championship was a third place in the 2021 season.

The name of Pato O’Ward has been mentioned on several occasions to reach Formula 1. And although having another Mexican in the top category would make everyone happy, It’s not that easy to make that jump from IndyCarespecially taking into account the economic interests that are also handled there.

Currently the Monterrey native is part of Arrow McLaren and At the end of 2023 he was appointed as a reserve driver for McLaren in F1which increased his chances of getting there, but with the obstacle that Both seats are armoured with Lando Norris and Oscar Piastriat least until 2026.

And although Mario Andretti is sure that Patito will be able to compete in the Big CircusThere are many factors that do not depend on him, such as sponsors’ money.

Pato O’Ward wins the IndyCar Mid-Ohio Grand Prix / Photograph @Mid_Ohio

Money is a factor that affects Pato O’Ward

Places in Formula 1 are very scarce, there are more drivers than available seats, only 20 can afford to make it and not every year places open up. In the 2024 season alone there was no room for any new drivers.

Pato O’Ward has been one of those who has had to wait. However, after so many years, it is clearer to him that this decision does not depend on him and even though he has enough talent, There are factors that influence their arrival, such as sponsors, who are the ones who inject millions into the teams. and of which Patito doesn’t have so many.

It’s out of my control, because I don’t bring 30 million dollars to a team, I don’t have all the experience in the world in F1. What I can bring to the table is Patricio O’Ward, This is what I can offer and I know that McLaren values ​​it” Pato told ESPN.

Photography @ArrowMcLaren

McLaren values ​​having Pato in its team

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has stated on several occasions that Pato’s chance of reaching F1 is real, Even at every opportunity he has he congratulates him for his victories, podiums or great races. Although he also hopes to see him win the IndyCar championship and above all the Indianapolis 500 that has been so denied to him.

So in case one of the seats becomes available, Pato hopes to be one of the main candidates to take it:

“If a seat does open up, I really hope I’ll be the first one in talks, but racing is a very strange world, things move very quickly. I don’t have the power to say ‘Come on, put me in’, all I can do is show that I am more than capable and McLaren knows it..

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren / Getty Images

Pato’s dream of reaching F1 is still alive

Pato O’Ward set a limit for himself to be in Formula 1. If by the time he turns 27, in 2026, he hasn’t arrived, It is probably that I no longer have a chanceespecially taking into account the young drivers in each of the academies such as Ollie Bearman or Kimi Antonelli.

The years have helped him see the situation more realistically, he knows that the only thing he can offer is his talent behind the wheel and above all, not to ‘cling’ to the idea of ​​whether or not you will arrive.

Pato O’Ward during Free Practice with McLaren / Photo: @mclaren (Instagram)

“The only thing I can do is doing my job well wherever I am, whether in IndyCar or Formula 1. I haven’t given up on the dream, but I have given up on ‘I have to get to F1’. I don’t have to get to F1, I want to get to F1. If that opportunity comes, I will take advantage of it, as I have done in IndyCar.

So far, Pato’s best result in IndyCar was a third place in the Drivers’ Championship in 2021, the championship remains a pending subject for him, with or without F1, so he still has a lot to do before he gets to the ‘Big Circus’.

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