University students generate good news in the software industry – Universo – UV news system

University students generate good news in the software industry – Universo – UV news system
University students generate good news in the software industry – Universo – UV news system
  • A is required adequate development with a complete, systematic, disciplined and quantifiable engineering approach, said Francisco Valdés Souto, professor at the Faculty of Sciences at UNAM
  • The 15th Seminar on Engineering Research began Software from the Faculty of Statistics and Computer Science UV

Software Engineering students will present projects and thesis papers

Jose Luis Couttolenc Soto

Photos: Omar Portilla Palacios

08/07/2024, Xalapa, Ver.- With the aim of sharing research results and projects in development, the 15th Seminar on Research in Engineering of Statistics and Informatics (FEI) of the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) began. Software which, from July 8 to 10, brings together expert speakers on the subject and students of the discipline.

Luis Gerardo Montané Jiménez, director of FEI, opened the event and highlighted the dynamic and high-demand educational program, both for the academic and student community, in the area of ​​information and computing technologies: “it is the program with the highest demand at the University,” said the professor.

He revealed that the educational program has generated articles that have become visible and said that “it is not just about publishing for the sake of publishing, but about reaching a level of maturity to attend national and international forums, present results and have them be in a scientific database so that people around the world can read, compare and use them as a reference.”

Angel Juan Sanchez Garcia, Minerva Reyes Felix, Luis Gerardo Montane Jimenez and Jorge Octavio Ocharan Hernandez, at the 15th Seminar on Software Engineering Research

University students, generators of good news

Francisco Valdés Souto, professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), gave a keynote lecture entitled “Extrapolating metrics in classical computing to quantum computing for estimation and project management.”

He mentioned that from the fifties to the sixties, technological development had substantial changes but they were not enough to make analyses or define things, so it was identified that it did not meet the needs of users.

In this context, “the gurus of software“They observed the need to impact, in the first instance, the industry through the generation of a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable process; however, studies indicate that currently 56% of user needs are being met, “so we are almost the same as in the fifties, the impact of the software in the industry is not as big as we would like.”

Francisco Valdés Souto, researcher at UNAM, offered the first keynote lecture

However, the UNAM professor told the university students that if the engineering of the software It can be improved, and for this “they are preparing, because you are the ones who will bring good news to the industry and you have to do it because there is a systematic and disciplined development.”

Francisco Valdés Souto mentioned that a relevant topic in classical computing is the estimation and management of projects, which requires the use of standardized metrics; however, this is not the most common in the industry, sometimes causing projects to fail before they start, with a success factor of less than 30%.

He indicated that there is currently a wave of momentum in the area of ​​quantum computing and although it is just beginning, it is at the same stage as the crisis of software of 1968; “if we do not apply what we have already learned, we are surely doomed to repeat history now with a crisis of the software quantum,” the researcher noted.

The quantum computing expert spoke about the four principles of COSMIC

He proposed the generalization of the use of a functional size metric that has allowed solving many problems in estimating and managing projects. software classic, for application in software quantum.

Present at the inauguration were: Minerva Reyes Félix, Academic Secretary of the FEI; Jorge Octavio Ocharán Hernández, Head of the Engineering Department; Software; Angel Juan Sanchez Garcia, head of the academic body Engineering and Technology of Softwareas well as teachers and students.

A technique that is a key factor in success

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