US closes door to resuming talks with Iran over nuclear deal

US closes door to resuming talks with Iran over nuclear deal
US closes door to resuming talks with Iran over nuclear deal

USA closed this Monday, July 8 the door to resuming talks with Iran on the possibility of restoring the nuclear deal and lift sanctions on Tehran, following the victory of Masud Pezeshkian in the recent Iranian elections.

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At a press conference, the spokesman for the White HouseJohn Kirby, denied that Washington is willing to resume talks with Iran, These statements come after the Iranian government indicated on Monday, July 8, that it is willing to resume dialogue.

“We are not in a position to return to the negotiating table. with Iran just because they elected a new president,” Kirby said.

The spokesman argued that the refusal was due to Iran’s continued support for groups considered terrorist by the United States, like the Palestinian Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollahas well as supporting the Houthis in their attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

According to the US, Iran is also providing technology and drones to Russia in the war against Ukraine.

The White House’s statements come just hours after Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Naser Kanani said on Monday, July 8 that his country is keeping diplomatic channels open to engage in “indirect” talks with the US on the nuclear deal.

Iranian President-elect Masud Pezeshkian promised throughout his election campaign that he would strive for a rapprochement with Western countries and dialogue to reach an agreement that eliminates sanctions against Iran, and thusimprove the country’s economy.

Iran has always blamed the US and European countries for violating the nuclear deal signed in 2015, especially after former US President, Donald Trumppulled his country out of the pact in 2018 and reimposed economic sanctions against Tehran, hitting Iran’s economy, which is experiencing 40% inflation.

As a reply, Iran gradually reduced its commitments to the deal and is now enriching and stockpiling significant amounts of uranium with a purity of 60%.already close to the level of 90% necessary to manufacture atomic weapons.

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