One of the world’s largest snakes is found as a pet in a house in the Valley

One of the world’s largest snakes is found as a pet in a house in the Valley
One of the world’s largest snakes is found as a pet in a house in the Valley


The discovery was recorded in a house in the municipality of El Cerrito, Valle del Cauca, where officials of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Cauca Valley, CVC, They found a Burmese python, locked in a transparent container, which they kept in captivity as a pet and called “Coqueta.”

This species is considered one of the largest snakes in the world. It is native to India, Pakistan, Nepal and Indochina, and can reach more than five metres in length. It holds the record for the animal with the most bones, with a total of 872.

The snake is being cared for and assessed by specialist professionals from the environmental agency who will determine its health status and the viability of returning it to its natural environment.

The Burmese python can grow to over 7 metres in length and weigh up to 90 kilograms, with a thickness similar to that of a telephone pole. They are excellent swimmers and can submerge themselves in water for more than half an hour. In winter, they usually hibernate in hollow logs or under rocks. They also live in trees. Females lay 12 to 36 eggs between March and April. They wrap the eggs in their bodies. Once the babies are born, the python abandons them. The food in its stomach lasts from 2 to 8 days. It has sharp, curved teeth to grab its prey, while at the same time suffocating it by coiling around it. Its average lifespan in captivity, with proper care, is 20 to 30 years.

According to the CVC, these animals suffer great stress and fear, and the path they had to take to reach their place of captivity can be torturous.

The CVC appreciates the community’s collaboration in protecting wildlife and reminds the community of the importance of not keeping exotic species as pets, as they can represent a risk to both local biodiversity and people’s safety. If you know of any such case, you can report it to the #550 line.

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