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Crunchyroll removes the comments section

Crunchyroll removes the comments section
Crunchyroll removes the comments section

It is a fact that the largest platform to watch anime in the world is Crunchyrollwhich over the years continues to be nourished by the best possible content, with the most innovative series and the best thing is that they can be heard in the client’s preferred language as long as the option is active. However, there are certain changes that have come as a surprise, and just as this note is being written, they carried out a movement that affects the users themselves.

From now on, the comments section has been removed from the platform, whether for news posted on the blog or for episodes available on the website or app. In a statement, they report that they came to this decision due to the toxic communities that later discuss within the forums and that they normally complain about certain translations or give spoilers that can harm the customer experience.

Here is a fragment of what was mentioned:

At Crunchyroll, we prioritize creating a safe and respectful community environment. To maintain this standard, we hide all existing user-generated content, including comments and reviews, across all of our platforms and experiences.

This decision was made to ensure a safer, more respectful, and higher-quality environment for all users. This change helps us reduce harmful content, prevent misinformation, and improve the overall user experience.

This has not pleased part of the community, as they mention that due to the errors of some users who spam or give low ratings to certain animes, not everyone should pay for it, there are even those who enjoyed reading the comments to see if a certain series was worth checking out. They feel that the best thing would be to have moderators who would verify the comments and make bans in order to be able to write opinions, which could be for a limited time.

Via: IGN

Author’s note: This has its good and bad points as well, as surely some members of the community used to chat amongst themselves in a friendly manner and now that will no longer be possible.

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