reopens a company and defines what its new format will be like

reopens a company and defines what its new format will be like
reopens a company and defines what its new format will be like

Los journalists from the Télam News Agencygrouped in the Buenos Aires Press Union (SiPreBA), They announced that they will resume their work duties next Wednesday After 128 days of closure and lack of work by Javier Milei’s administration, how will it work again?

“This Wednesday we will return to our work. To obtain the right to work we had to hold 128 days of uninterrupted sit-ins in the two buildings of the Télam news and advertising agency, which the government decided to shut down for more than four months,” the union announced in a statement.

In this regard, the workers recalled thatThe national government ordered the closure of the historic agency on March 1 During the speech given by the President at the opening of legislative sessions: “We are going to close the Télam Agency,” stated President Javier Milei as one of his measures.

He March 4 at dawn lThe Federal Police cordoned off the two headquarters of the Agency, One is located at Bolívar 531 and the other at Belgrano 437. From that moment on, the workers set up two camps “to protect public property and make visible our struggle to return to work.”

The camp was lifted this afternoon after the Federal Police removed the fences that had been preventing the employees from entering for 4 months and 4 days.

On July 1, the government decreed the reconversion of Télam into APESAUa public limited company that will only be responsible for one of its two main functions: advertising.

Likewise, lThe media outlet’s journalistic functions will continue within Radio y Televisión Argentina (RTA). Although this was not announced by Adorni, the workers reported it once the billboards were removed.

The name of the new state agency as part of RTA has not yet been confirmed. The employees who will enter the offices will be those who did not take voluntary retirement and who depended on the media’s journalistic management.

Camping agency Télam.webp

The camp at the entrance to the former Télam headquarters.

“SiPreBA will continue the fight to ensure that Télam becomes a single company again, since the journalistic and advertising roles are part of the same conceptual unit to guarantee informational sovereignty and federal and plural communication,” they said.

Finally, the union highlighted the defense of public media and the right to information as its main fight.

“In unity, we continue to say: public media must be defended, the country cannot be sold,” they concluded.

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