Chile protests Petro’s “unacceptable” comment on Gabriel Jadue

Chilean Foreign Minister Alberto van Klaveren delivered a harsh note of protest to Colombia on Monday, July 8, 2024, in which he described as “unacceptable” and “imprudent” the statements made by the president of this country, Gustavo Petro, who called for the release of the mayor of the Recoleta commune of Santiago de Chile, the communist Daniel Jadue.

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“We delivered a note of protest to the Colombian Chargé d’Affaires in Chile regarding the statements made by President Gustavo Petro. These are unacceptable and reckless statements, which They are unaware of the democratic history of our country, as well as the existence of a state of law.“, the Chilean foreign minister said on his X account.

Petro said on his social networks that Jadue, in preventive detention for more than a month accused of several corruption crimes, is “imprisoned by the Pinochet jurisprudence imposed on free beings“.

In addition, she published a video of Gabriela Rivadeneira, one of the members of the International Committee for Justice for Daniel Jadue, who demands his release and assures that The imprisonment is for “ending the big pharmaceutical business”.

He The Colombian president made his controversial statements on the same day that the hearing to review the mayor’s precautionary measures was held at the request of the defensebut the court decided to uphold the precautionary measure and leave him in jail, considering him “a danger to the security of society.”

In the morning, government spokesperson Camila Vallejo responded that Chile “has a rule of law” and “separation of powers,” and stressed that changes in the Chilean political system “are determined” by Chile, “not by authorities from other countries.”

“The Executive cannot be giving its opinion or intervening in judicial proceedings that are underway, whether for the Recoleta commune or for another case,” he added.

Does Petro’s comment shake relations between the two countries?

Petro’s words jeopardize the good relations between the governments of both countries and the mutual admiration that both presidents – Petro and the Chilean Gabriel Boric – have expressed on repeated occasions.

The Colombian’s second and most recent visit to La Moneda was in September of last year, in the context of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Augusto Pinochet’s coup d’état.

Jadue, a 56-year-old graduate in architecture and sociology of Arab origin, is one of the main leaders of Chilean communism. He contested the presidential primaries of the left against Boric and, with him, the Communist Party established itself in the forefront of Chilean politics.

The politician is being prosecuted for disloyal administration, fraud, bribery, bankruptcy and tax fraud. All of this within the framework of the management of the Chilean Association of Municipalities with Popular Pharmacies (Achifarp), an entity of which he was president.

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