In Atlántico, actions are taken to strengthen security

In Atlántico, actions are taken to strengthen security
In Atlántico, actions are taken to strengthen security

With the aim of determining actions and strategies that lead to protecting women against any type of violence, the first security council with a focus on gender violence in the Atlantic was held this Monday.

Governor Eduardo Verano stressed the importance of protecting women’s rights and ensuring their protection and safety: “In this space we are dedicated to studying the issue of homicides and femicides, to understand the dynamics they have had in the municipalities of Atlántico.”

The departmental leader indicated that so far this year, there have been 38 homicides and 6 femicides in the Atlántico.

“The figures have increased significantly, as last year there were 22 homicides of women, so we had to start studying and analyzing what actions should be taken,” she explained.

She said that prevention programs will be strengthened so that authorities can coordinate and find ways to guarantee women’s safety.

“The Purple Patrol has been put into operation, which must be attentive to what happens day to day in each family. If a person is listened to in a timely manner, it is most likely that the statistics can be reduced,” he said.

Verano stressed that one of the important points is that the actions and attention of the family police stations must be strengthened: “The Women’s Secretariat and our Atlantic Assembly insisted a lot on the economic tools that are needed to provide timely attention.”

In turn, the Secretary of Women and Equality in Atlántico, María Lourdes Dávila, mentioned that they seek to strengthen the protection of each Atlantic citizen.

“We want to empower all women to have a voice and to participate in politics and decision-making. We have the area for the prevention of gender-based violence, where we travel to all municipalities to prevent and train on what gender-based violence is. We also have a shelter for all women who are in danger of being victims of femicide,” said Dávila.

Deputy Alejandra Moreno, who proposed the creation of a security council in favor of women, stressed the need to begin to coordinate efforts to protect and prevent further cases of violence.

“Given the increase in the number of female homicides, six of which have been classified as femicides, the idea is that we can coordinate, and the governor has responded very positively, to create this space that is a historic event, a Security Council with a gender focus, which allows for this institutional coordination,” Moreno said.

She mentioned that the monitoring observatory on gender violence will be reactivated, strengthening the attention at the level of the route that the Women’s Secretariat has been working on as a coordinating entity and strengthening each strategic point of said route.

“There is already a meeting that will be held on Monday, July 15; it will be a subcommittee to review the issue of statistics, because we need to manage a single piece of information, unify it, because that will allow us to develop more specific plans and be able to serve women,” she stressed.

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