Fighting organized crime, an urgent issue discussed in Mercosur

Fighting organized crime, an urgent issue discussed in Mercosur
Fighting organized crime, an urgent issue discussed in Mercosur

The foreign ministers of the member countries of the Mercosur On Sunday, July 7, representatives of the associated States called for strengthening regional cooperation to combat organized crime, for moving towards an “environmental pact” to protect ecosystems, and for strengthening integration to protect democracy.

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In the second plenary session of the ministerial meeting, the Argentine foreign minister, Diana Mondinoproposed the design of “common strategies” to confront transactional threats, such as terrorism, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

“We have announced that we will present a proposal for the creation of a Mercosur anti-mafia prosecutor’s office or an agency,” announced the minister, who explained that the idea should be discussed with member countries to find the “best mechanism to enhance the action of all national entities.”

For her part, the Minister of Foreign Relations of Bolivia, Celinda Sosa proposed the creation of a “road map” that would allow progress towards a “regional environmental pact that promotes sustainable practices” and “fosters cooperation in the protection” of ecosystems.

Delegations from Associated States also participated in the second part of the meeting of foreign ministers, prior to the summit of heads of state to be held this Monday, July 8, in Asunción, such as Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana and Peru.

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The Director of Integration Regional Multilateral Chilean Foreign Minister Constanza Figueroa expressed her country’s concern about the “weakening of democracy,” which she associated with “several other problems affecting the region: economic crisis, corruption, attacks on freedom of expression, political polarization, among many others.”

In particular, he considered that this has allowed “the arrival of organized crime and the territorial expansion of its networks,” which he considered requires the International cooperation.

“This new reality forces us to strengthen trust and leave aside individualism. Today it is no longer a wish, today integration is a necessity to jointly address those priority issues that afflict us,” he said.

During this day, two agreements of financial and technical complementation were also signed between Mercosur and the Fonplata development bank, as well as a film and audiovisual co-production agreement.

Uruguayan Foreign Minister Omar Paganini took advantage of the meeting to sign with his Argentine counterpart a protocol for the coordination of medical assistance and primary cross-border health transfers by land, river and air in cases of emergency.

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