Brussels launches high-level group for EU wine sector

Brussels launches high-level group for EU wine sector
Brussels launches high-level group for EU wine sector

Brussels, Jul 8 (EFECOM).- The European Commission (EC) invited representatives of the member states of the community club to participate in a high-level group on wine policy in which “challenges and opportunities” for the sector will be discussed, and which will hold its first meeting on September 11.

Brussels added in a statement that interested organisations will also be invited to the first meeting to present their analysis of the situation and prospects of the EU wine sector.

The establishment of the high-level group was already announced by European Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski at the meeting of agriculture ministers of the 27 member states in May.

“Over the past two decades, the EU wine sector has been a success story. Framed by a comprehensive regulatory system, the EU has been at the forefront of the world, with exports tripling in value over that period,” the Commission said.

However, he acknowledged that “despite this success and its significant contribution to EU GDP, the sector is now facing significant challenges due to a long-term decline in domestic consumption, a change in consumer preferences and an unstable and less globalised international context affecting our main export markets.”

“Furthermore, the sector is facing increasingly unpredictable production and harvest conditions due to climate change,” the EU executive said, adding that the wine sector “must adapt to these new realities” and that the political framework “must be adequate to support the required transition.”

Brussels said the high-level group would be a forum to address these issues and explore possible solutions.

“The group will meet at least three times and is expected to present conclusions and recommendations for future policy developments by early 2025,” the EC said. EFECOM


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