STRIKE ATENTO CÁCERES | Strike in Atento Cáceres after a “hidden ERE” affecting 62 of its workers

STRIKE ATENTO CÁCERES | Strike in Atento Cáceres after a “hidden ERE” affecting 62 of its workers
STRIKE ATENTO CÁCERES | Strike in Atento Cáceres after a “hidden ERE” affecting 62 of its workers

Much of Atento’s staff Caceres has been affected by changes in working conditions that the company has announced at a national level. This has resulted in a mobilization by its staff, since inthe capital of Cáceres would affect 62 of its employeesof which 12 They would go into the service of the El Corte Inglés company, Energy, Light and Moreand the 50 The remaining ones would be forced to move to Madrid as they belong to the company’s Movistar technical service.

Therefore, from the CCOO unionwith the support of STCalso a member of the Company Committee, have called astrike 24-hour strike and rallies at the company’s various headquarters at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, July 9which in the capital of Cáceres will take place at the door of his workplace, located in the Rodriguez de Ledesma Avenue.

Everything after that Attention Teleservices Spain has communicated that it will apply Changes in working conditions and geographical mobility to a total of 553 workers in all the country.

According to CCOO, this process “It is a hidden ERE” “which is trying to bypass the law” and “is nothing more than an excuse to comply with the legal procedures that allow them to de facto fire more than 500 people, as if we were mere cogs in their machinery to obtain more benefits,” they said.

Support from other institutions

UGT Extremadura The union has already announced that it is also adhering to this national strike call. The union states that although the company “speaks of a measure that has been taken to safeguard jobs, we are talking about a ERE concealed in all rules “which will allow them to get rid of a large number of workers at a very low cost,” they state in the statement. In it, they also emphasize that they do not understand “the company’s rejection of the use of teleworking as an alternative.”

United for Extremadura He also announced that his spokesperson, Irene de Miguelwill support tomorrow Tuesday the concentration of «Atento workers in Cáceres protesting against the covert ERE that the company wants to apply to 50 people»they indicated in the press release.

For its part, from the platform A Dignified Extremadurathrough its coordinator Oscar Perezhave criticized the «mass layoffs under cover» from Atento and have confirmed their presence at the rallies this Tuesday.

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